Friday, March 09, 2007

Check your passport before travel

Our office supposes have 2 guests from Belgium yesterday, it is a couple from Belgium. They are our customer actually, come here is just to pay a visit to my boss. I am looking forward to meet them.

Early morning received a call from them, telling us that they unable to enter Malaysia due to the male's passport was going to expired. Expiry date is 14/04/2007; it is less than 6 months as requested by Immigration nationwide. Our immigration very efficient, spotted the date and on the spot NOT allow him enter flight from Thai to Malaysia. Surprising, he managed to catch the flight from Frankfurt to Thai, perhaps they did not notice the date. He tried to call Belgium Embassy in Thai, but need 2 weeks to process the passport. This is pretty for a businessman like him, so he called up my boss asks for help. Other wise he has to fly back to Belgium next few days. Then my boss roll back the ball to me, asked me called Malaysia Immigration, to ask for help.( *sianz* )

After I called.....our immigration also couldn't help on this too. Looks like he has to stay in Thai for few days lar...

Then, my boss felt bad, he said he can fly to Thai and meet them! Wow...since when he is so good ah!!? Immediately he book AA flight and will fly the next day!

Hooray! That's mean I will have holiday too! LOL...but it's already weekend lar....

Oh ya, don't forget to check your passport before travel ya!