Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dating with Mr Bean

Our date with Mr Bean is great! If giving another chance to enter cinema with the girls, I am sure I will go again.

Wien is no problem entering cinema since this is her second trip. My only concern is Lyon. Therefore before this I keep telling her where we go, who we are going to meet , bla bla bla....she know Mr Bean, and she seem can't wait to meet him.

In the cinema, I must say Lyon behave good throughout the show. I worry the loud sound might frightened her so I hug her tight and keep talking to her. Oh ya, she refuse to sit alone, so I let her sit on my lap. Popcorn and soft drink keep her occupied too! :P

Just that before ending, she a bit tired and bored, so keep asking me to bring her home.

As plan, after the show, we headed to do some shopping at MP as well as Dataran Pahlawan!