Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I didn't know that we actually can book our scuba diving activity via internet nowadays! See, how out-dated I am!

Scubadu is the site that cater for scuba diving lover, it’s a luxury Catamaran, specializing in private sailing excursions in the USVI and British Virgin Islands.

Other than scuba diving and sailing, st thomas catamaran also offer sunset and dinner cruises. Sound great? I can enjoy the beautiful sunset while my hubby can try his scuba diving experience here since he love to try on exciting activity. I scare water actually so I don't think I have the gut to try on scuba diving! : P

The rates offer in Scubadu include: licensed captain, chef/1st mate, gourmet food, open bar, snorkel gear, kayak, swim mats, towels and fresh water showers; and they accepted many methods of payment form such as cash, travelers checks, visa, and MasterCard.

Have fun!


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