Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A - Z Tag

Kena tag by Hot Mama- Sasha, she said I say her hiao wor...so this is the reward...never mind, I welcome your tag!

A is for age

Recently only found out that Immomsdaughter same age with me! LOL ! Check out her blog then.

B is for booze of choice


C is for career

Full time working mum, part time housewife.

D is for your most dreaded

motorcyclist that drive super fast on the road. I have bad impression about them lar….

E is for essential item you use everyday

perfume and moisturizer

F is for favorite song at the moment

err…errr…seem none ler…LOL…I listen all kind of song, except hard rock wan.

G is for favorite games

Errrrr also none ler…poor me, never enjoy life wan.

H is for Hometown.

Historical town.

I is for indulgence


J is for favorite flavor of juice

any fruit juice

K is for kids

Lyon & Wien - 2

L is for last hug from husband.

this morning. In fact I get hug from hubby almost daily…dun jeles ya.

M is for years of marriage

2007 - 2000 for registration.

2007 - 2001 for ceremony.

N is for name of your crush

Cannot remember....

O is for overnight hospital stays

3 days each for giving birth to Lyon & Wien , plus recent ectopic

P is for phobias

any kind of inserts. Geli

Q is for quote

Life's short. Enjoy. (not follow sasha, hubby and my quotes too)

R is for biggest regret

resign from my 1st employment. My ex-lady boss love me so much.

S is for status.

Married lar.

T is for time you wake up

7.00 am after Wien enter school, else I can sleep till 7.30pm.

U is for underwear.

no particular brand lar.

V is for vegetable you love

I love brocolli. Cauliflower. Sawi…and many more….

W is for worst habit

Being big head prawn. due to this I had spoil many of my MIL's wok!

X is for x-rays you’ve had


Y is for yummy food you make

curry chicken, fried chicken, fried mee hoon etc, I can cook many delicious dishes! :)

Z is for zodiac sign


Whoever want to do this tag, pls do so....