Wednesday, March 14, 2007


3 hours of meet + think = meeting! Can you imagine that?

I dislike meeting, since I start working. To me, meeting if no fruitful results come out, is a waste of time. Some more involved so many management level staff in the meeting. Hey, if you count the time spent and their salary, you will think it is a waste of time too. Sitting there for 3 hours, just listen to the top management scolding people, then after came out from meeting, everyone hi-ha-hi-ha, talk like old friend, if you are me, you will feel very irritating too! Of course la, I am joining the meeting too, they are wasting my time too…

Out from meeting, I have headache, really really headache. Feel tired and sianz. So I push aside all my work (die tomorrow), and do relaxing thing…blogging..blogging..blogging…and blog hopping….

Oh ya, I got the term MEET+THINK=MEETING from my colic, good term? LOL