Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heineken pay me finally! :)

Yeah, I am so happy today, extra pocket money in my paypal!

Had submitted this Heineken post for quite some time, before CNY but no news from Creamaid. At first I thought should be "tong guo shui" lor. Who know today I received an email informing there is fund coming in from Creamaid.

My colic also got his pay, same as me, both of us happily dancing on the floor today! Hahahaha.....hey, we really go - search and buy the Heineken!


Anonymous said...

the colic that you mentioned is me lor. Haha! Really happily dancing on the floor lor.. :P
Honestly I tell you, I didn't buy la, Snoopy borrow me one.. :P

Jesslyn said...

oh, icic...