Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fall down from motorbike

Not me....coz I don't how to drive a motorbike. I don't even have license too! LOL

Ok, incident happens last Saturday morning, while we are preparing to go to meet with Mr Bean, this small accident happen. A dog was (dunno belong to which neighbor) running here and there in front of our house. Hubby carried Lyon to see the dog. Then one motorbike that drove by Malay women come towards our direction, but dunno what happen, the dog run to the motorbike. This cause the women cannot escape from the dog and she was fell down right in front of my house. All of us saw she fell down! I grabbed Lyon from hubby, and then ask him to check on that Malay woman.

To my surprise is I saw the women's arm carry a baby! Oh my goodness….I also go and see whether they hurt or not? The baby (about 1 year I think) keep crying after the fall, and the women (not sure is her grandma or mother) look shock coz she cannot speak properly already when hubby ask her where she stay. Lucky she still manage to tell us her house telephone number, else really don’t how to reach her family member. The baby only hurt her head, can see “bungalow” too…lucky no major hurt. The women is ok, just get shock only.

See, how dangerous it is when cycling with a kid on motorbike. That’s the reason why hubby bans FIL to fetch Wien back from school using his motorbike. He insisted FIL use his old car to do the fetching. Sometimes MIL likes to drive Wien and Lyon on motorcycle too, sort of give them makan angina lar. But hubby will nag at her if he happens to see the girls on motorbike with MIL.