Friday, March 30, 2007

Travel Plan

As I blog earlier, our ClubMed trip tak jadi. So hubby decided to bring us to KL or Tiara Beach Resort.

At last we confirmed will go to KLCC's Petrosains since we had been heard this place is very interesting for the kids as well as adult. The next day we'll proceed to Tiara Beach Resort. Yeah!

As usual we'll check in Cititel Midvalley hotel coz its very convenient for us. But this time needs to book more spacious room, 2 kids tag along ler. As for Tiara Beach, lucky still have room available on the date we fixed, I have to quickly book today, else if fully book, sure kena scold by hubby wan! :P

See ya, if got time, I am going to meet those KL blogger. Give me few more days to finalise our travel plan first. Our travel date is from 14/04 – 16/04!