Friday, March 30, 2007


How?? Me in dilemma now.

We had confirmed our travel plan, but another concern now. I have a feeling MIL might want to tag along but hubby NOT allow. *Sigh* His decision make me so difficult to tell her that we are going on vacation soon.

Hubby said this is our family trip, preferable no other people to join us. But I told him I feel guilty if I do that way. Also unfair to her since she took well care of our daughter. What if she really tells us she wants to tag along, can I say NOPE??? I wish to bring her actually but hubby……… Arggggg……hard time for me.


Egghead said...

hehe... that's why since my first family vacation I did not bring anyone else... otherwise... sure got next time one :P

michelle said...

My hubby is totally opposite to yours, he will invite his parents to join in. Maybe negotiate with your hubby 1 trip with parents and 1 trip without. Tell him, if he treats his parents like tat, he is not afraid, next time Wien/Lyon go vacation, don't invite him....;)

chooi peng said...

My hubby also alwasy like that, even we just go to shopping mall. But i prefer a family trip just 3 of us.

michelle said...

Wow, your boss reads your blog. *salute* Does he approve of the statement?