Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hair Trimming for the girls

Well, I am my girls' personal hairdresser all the time. Not that I am stingy to spend money on that but they, I mean Lyon & Wien, just refuse to let outsider to cut their hair. So, me being the creative mummy, I do it myself...:)...Of course, I have save money indirectly too!

I never learn on how to cut or trim hair actually, but I have the simple skill that born with me. My classmate, housemate and roommates, ever asked me trimmed their hair too during school or college life! So, I am pretty sure my skill is ok. .LOL

Wien is bigger now, slowly she can let my SIL#2 trim her hair (she is a hairdresser), so less worry for me. I only need to trim hair for Lyon. At this stage, Lyon love to cut hair, whenever she saw the scissor, she’ll come to me and ask for a trim. Sometimes her hair still not long but she insisted a trim too! *sigh* so I just pretend lar. Place a newspaper (cut a hole in middle) and wear on her, then she’ll happily sit still and let me do the trimming. Oh ya, one advise from me: take off their shirt and apply some baby powder before start the hair trimming, it will ease your after work cleaning then.