Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where is the child safety concept?

Pictures taken in McD Air Keroh. All these pictures can tell you whole story. Can you see the round hole without any cover? My questions to McD is : Where is your child safety practise here? Don't you know that BIG hole is able to cause a kid's death in case they fall down from there?

Captured this wording from McDonald Malaysia web on their promise to Quality & Safety:

Ours is a food business. So there's absolutely no room for mistakes when it comes to food safety and other related matters.

* Food

* Toys

* People

* Restaurants(I presumed playground should be under this category)

* Sanitation/Handwash

* Pest Control

Looking at the pictures, are this kind of safety you provide to we public? To kids to be more specify?

Sad to say, my hubby had send this complaint to McD Malaysia via their JustTellUs page. He sent it 2-3 months ago and we revisited the place last month, it seem no action being taken. So we have to take turn taking care the girls while they are playing there. Seem like no one at McD care about our kids safety! I will forward again this letter to them!


mumsgather said...

No action being taken even after you wrote to them????!! Hmm... send them this blog post!

mumsgather said...
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Jesslyn said...

ya lor, can u imagine that?
anyway, i had submitted this post to them again. After 2 week, we'll revisited this place! Just wait and see!