Monday, March 26, 2007

Just back from Immomsdaughter’s blog, saw she blog about Advertlets. It’s also an Asia’s New advertising network, other than Nuffnang.

I had signed up even though I am not sure how’s the payout. I just wish to keep monetize my blog for extra money for my shopping…hehehe…don’t shoot me yeah! Hey, blogging to earn money is so simple, if I really can make lot of money from here, I think my dream to be SAHM very soon too! Of course I have to allocate some time for me to do the writing.

Check out for more information! Currently they are giving away RM15,000 for 300 bloggers! Sign up now, perhap you are the lucky one who get RM50.00!


Josh Lim said...

Hi Jesslyn!

You're free to participate in our review program too, all the details are available on the site. Quite a few bloggers have already taken part, and their accounts have been credited. You can ask Immomsdaughter about her earnings, I believe she has been credited already :)

Looking forward to your review! Cheers.