Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shoes during SALES!

Which women don’t like shopping? Raise your hand please! I think no one will raise up your hand to me now. I am a shopping fan too! :)

I love to buy shoes during sales, especially up to 70% type. Usually I will go ahead and grab 1 - 2 pairs, just couldn't resist the price lar. LOL

But one thing I noticed is those shoes that I grab during sales CANNOT long last, be it branded type or just normal brand. I hardly can wear them till a year. So each time I complaining this to hubby, sure he will tease me like this:

Cheap thing No good, good thing NO cheap!

Overall I still ok with my shoes la, after there become torn off, also meaning that I have to change shoe, and to hunt for latest trendy shoes mah. Don't care just go ahead and buy new pair lor....*sigh* Men some how still don't understand we women!

So, will I stop buying shoes during sales? The answer is NOPE. :)