Thursday, March 08, 2007

RM1 !!!!!!

During office hour....

Hubby email-ed me that he gained RM1.00 from stock market recently. My reaction was : WoW Wow! That's a lot understanding is RM1 in share market term, which mean it is 1k to me.

Next my mind start thinking how much he is going to give me..LOL...yeah, I will get my share usually! *wink wink*

Back home, he told me again about his wining of RM1.00..bla bla bla....then I happily wanna claim my share.

He said: huh? how to share wor? give u 50 cents ah?

Me : 500 lar..

He : wei, I only win RM1.00 lar, no extra 000 at the back!

Me : (disappointed tone) aiyo....I thought 1k ler...sob sob....