Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Tack Rating

I don't know my tack rating in TigaP before this, until one day I checked with other blogger, then only I realized where to check.

I checked on Monday, 26/02, it showed my tack is ZERO ler! No wonder many offers I cannot, probably due to Zero tack I think. Even my is PR4 yet it still show RED in my list. No choice, no way I can change the tack myself, all I need to do is to write better in future.

Wednesday, 28/02, I checked again the rating, it showed 3 tack! Yeah, I am happy with the rating, at least not Zero anymore! LOL! No idea why suddenly show tack in my blog, is it becos I install the disclosure badge that work?

Another thing I have to work hard is, to reduce the alexa score for this blog, it's too high. This alexa score also cause me cannot take many opps too! *sigh* Sifu, please help!


Anonymous said...

how to check? I am blurr at this... I already post a few opp no news. Wht tact u change??