Friday, March 02, 2007


I seldom on my feedreader now, and I guess it'll be over hundreds of update inside my feed once I start running it. The reason I hardly on it is because once I see the icon show any new updates, I couldn't resist and I tend to click it and read, even though I was pile up with so many work load at that time, I still click it and read!!! Charm lor, like that I will never got the time to finish my job in a day.

So the best way is to off it, concentrate on my job and I only do blog hopping via clicking from my blog whenever I have free time. But then , I cannot get updated news if I practice this way.

Dun worry, I will still read your blog!


mumsgather said...

Hahaha. Sounds very much like me. When I see those unread icons, I just HAVE to click on them to read. Its compulsive behaviour.