Thursday, March 29, 2007

11 fingers

My ex-colic msn-ed me few days ago, telling me about her colic's had give birth to twins baby girls. Everyone of her family is happy to hear she is carrying twins, but after the bb is out, they become sad.

Why? Coz they saw both the newborn girls' finger was 11, not the usual 10 fingers, so looks abnormal to them. Her MIL even scolded her for using scissor during pregnancy, that's cause the bb like that. OMG! Still got such narrow minded people! Come on la, she is a nurse, sure use scissor daily mah. Well, this is the fact, they have to face it.

Later the gynae suggest to them can remove the extra finger, ask them refer bone specialist first. The MIL welcomes the suggestion, and keeps pestering the parent to do so. Well, one bb’s finger can be chopping after 3rd day, whereas the other one have to wait till she is 1-2 yo, due to finger bone structure is more complicated. Yesterday heard from my ex-colic, the bb’s finger already chops off. Ouch, must be so painful I think.

This is other family business, I cannot say much. But if me, I don’t think I will let them chop off my bb’s little finger. After all extra fingers will not make you look like alien too why worry about it? I pity the bb only, such young age already have to suffer the pain. The one chop one might not know the pain now coz still small mar; I am referring to the second wan. At age 1-2, I am sure she’ll its pain being chop! I really couldn’t think further now.


miche said...

haiyo...not necessary to chop mah! my cousin also got 11 fingers. did not make her wierd but i made her special. :D

mumsgather said...

Oh No! I can imagine how stressed out your colleague must have been when her MIL scolded her summore. Haiyh!

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo! I mean the babies are healthy.. so what is the extra finger!!


MIL sometimes can be so mean.. like mine.. asking me what I ate during pregnancy until my babies are so dark.. I told her.. look at your own skin colour, they take after you. She quickly became quiet. (she taruh me, I taruh her lar) :P

Jesslyn said...

yeah, that's why I said she is selfish MIL.

She is understress, so she just keep quiet and let them make the decision. How sad!

Zara's mama,
haha...if my MIL say me like that, I'll taruh her back wan.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Aiyoh, y they always blame the 'mother' if bb is 'abnormal' to them? unfair lar!!!

BTW, 11 fingers is not that weird wat!! When thinking of chopping the fingers, i oso heartached lar! :(

Jesslyn said...

yeah, i can feel the pain too!