Saturday, March 31, 2007

Be considerate

My boss is smoker. Even our office floor did have a big sign board: NO SMOKING, yet he still smokes within office area. We hinted him few times but he still cannot catch it!! Argggg!!!

His room has an absorb fan, even he on it everyday, but we still can smell it from outside. My work place exactly in front of his room, sometimes he did not close the door properly and I really cannot stand the smell, I will go and close his door. Other colleagues might think why I so brave, hehe…I also no idea. I just dislike the smell, that’s why I hate smoker. I always curse them if you want to die early, go ahead…but please don’t cause us be the 2nd hand smoker and die becos of your inconsiderate act!

Boss ah boss, can't you be more considerate to us???