Monday, March 12, 2007

5 wishes for my children

Tag getting very popular now, we need filler posts sometimes, so Tag is the best post I think! LOL

Ok, I have owed some blogger few tags, yet to do my homework, and now I choice the simplest first…hehehe…

I have a lot wishes, greedy mah. But here only need 5, here we go….

1. Wish they will be healthy and pretty (girls mah, sure like to be pretty wan, including their mummy too!)

2. Wish that they become a good person with good character and attitude.

3. Wish that they able finish their education level, at least get a “U” certificate.

4. Wish that they have a good job and 5 figure good incomes and the best is can share with us!

5. Wish that they will be happy and still close with us, the parent when grow up and willing to share and tell us what they do.