Thursday, March 01, 2007

Holiday Soon! Yeah!

As promised to Wien and Lyon, we are going to bring them for holiday this year, for sure. At first we plan to go Singapore, but Lyon yet to her first passport, so plan postpone.

But yesterday got good news from hubby, he said his company's club is organizing trip to Club Med, Cherating, asked me wanna join or not? Without thinking twice, I quickly replied him: of course, and I want to bring the girls along too! Hey, this is considering Lyon's first outstation trip ler. Poor girl, since born we never bring her outstation, not even step into KL City yet.

The trip is under survey stage now, if can get enough people to join, then probably we can go during mid April. I believe sure many will join coz the company subsidy 50% for the trip. Let's hope this trip can come true!


Egghead said...

eh... tell me if it's nice ah... so I can go as well :)