Friday, March 23, 2007

Holiday tak jadi...sob sob...

Bad news from hubby last night. The ClubMed trip cancel due to FULLY book for April 14-16. Must be due to huge group, that's why all of us cannot go for the trip. Frankly I am sad upon hearing this news, so much wanted to go with the girls.

Anyway, hubby's college suggest another place, Pulau Redang. I told him we can go also but hubby still indecisive, his concern is too far by taking bus, he rather drive car, coz we can stop as and when we like. But I told him: if you are going to drive, then I dunno when is the time lor....:P

Hubby said if no go Redang, we can either go KL or Tiara Beach Resort too, not necessary go Redang mah. Fine, I agreed with you. So now I am going to seach for great deals from Tiara Beach Resort. Hopefully I still able to book a room for April 14-15.


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