Monday, March 19, 2007

Caned By Papa

Wien caned by papa yesterday.

Papa keeps some of her CD into one small carton, and placed it on top of cupboard. While we are out to work, she stacked 3 chairs together and climbed up to get the carton down. MIL saw her action, try to stop her but she so stubborn, refuse to listen to her.

When we’re back, MIL told us the whole story. Papa so angry and caned her 3 times at her legs. Papa said he already told her clearly don’t touch those CD, yet she still do it. Papa took this chance to lesson her, hinted me don’t interfere his action. Well, I have to keep quiet; else I might get a cane too. Now you know I am a soft hearten mummy, papa has to be bad guy in the house.

Last time we was thinking caning is not a good way for disciplining kids, but now we have to use it, coz by verbal warning seem no effect on her. I really hope she learnt from this time caning, and don’t’ be stubborn anymore. Hey, she has to behave la, else her sister Lyon sure will follow her steps one day. Being elder girl also not really good hor, have to set example for the youngest. :P