Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ban on Fa Cai

Last week Tracy blog about one of her very close friend gave a fa cai as CNY gift. Later she found out the fa cai was actually given by her as a gift during CNY LAST year and NOW the item already EXPIRED (2.1.07)! She very upset over this incident!

But yesterday I got a news from internet, said that fa cai now is a ban item in HK. The reason given was fa cai has no nutritioanl value and it contain a toxic amino acid that could affect the normal functions of nerve cells. I told her this is good for her, at least she no chance to eat more fa cai which is a ban item now....hehehe...

Actually me not very fond of fa cai, partly due to this item no taste at all, and it looks ugly and geli to me. Usually I'll dig it out if it was serve in the dish that we order in restaurant. :)