Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lost Temper

Whenever during meal time, I will almost lost my temper, to Wien.

I had been blog about her slowness in taking meal numerous time, but it seem no improvement at all. I have to constantly remind her: eat eat eat....but she eyes still stick to the TV box and her mouth munch slowly, really slowly. At time we off the TV, then she start yelling. Hubby told me just ignore her, let her cry and threaten her to take away her meal. Only with this way, she will eat a bit faster. But I don't want to use this way all the time, it's look cruel to me. I wish her can behave and can eat like adult, so that in future she can join the meal with us.

Today, dinner time, I lost my temper again and I use hanger to smack her leg. Of course, she start crying but I have to ignore her. No choice. Slowly I am showing my power to her now, she NOT YET get a cane from me yet. But I know I should start practice canning now. I have to.


Vien said...

Aiya..very easy, NO TV during dinner time. Do it everyday and she will get the hang of it. When I was younger my grandma always make us turn off the tv during dinnertime. Let it become a family tradition.