Tuesday, March 20, 2007

HP radiation

I didn't know that handphone radiation can cause preggie women miscarriage until recently I received an email from my friend. She told me one of her preggie friend's baby die when he/she is 2-3 months old. The couple went to check with many doctors and lastly one of the doctor check on the death baby and found out the baby's body cells keeping die when baby growing up until he/she cannot be survived.

The diagnose is her uterus has been affected by HANDPHONE radiation. The doctor told she has no chance to get baby no matter how because the radiation affected her uterus which the major portion of her uterus cells already death, cannot carry healthy baby. All this because of she has been keeping her handphone in her working jacket which the position just right to the uterus position for few years time. So horrible ya!

I think from now on we shouldn't overlook the handphone radiation which will affect our health or body organs. Please put away your handphone when ever you don't need it much. Health is more important. Always remember this.