Monday, March 26, 2007

6 weird things abt me

I been tagged by Sabrina on 6 weird things about myself.

Well, it took me many days to think of my weird thing ler. I hardly can think of 6 too! Proof that I am not weird person! LOL

Here are some of my weird things:

1. I must wash my feet before bed even it's clean. Else I feel my feet very dry and I'll feel very uncomfortable.

2. I must go toilet to pee before bed too. Even I came out from room to have a sip of drink, I will go toilet to pee again....LOL, weird?

3. I drive car without wearing shoes or stocking. All becos hubby la, he is the one asked me take off everything when driving. Opps...not the shirt ya!

4. I love to sweep the floor. Feel satisfy after seeing the floor is so clean.

5. Can’t think of any.....really...

6. …….no more gua……..

So, am I weird?


CutiePrincessMummy said... doing the samething too for your 1st & 2nd weirds. R we weird?! :P