Monday, March 05, 2007

I want fishball!

While preparing Wien to school, she told me she want to eat fishball that sell in school canteen. My reaction is : huh? how come suddenly she request this? coz usually she will only take milk or MILO as breakfast, no other thing.

OK, since this is her first time request, for breakfast I mean; I will just buy for her. It's a good sign for me too since she start eating something rather than just drinking.

Reached school, we headed to canteen to get the fishball first. After fishball past to her, she seem very excited, quickly run back to class. Then I saw she showed the fishball to her classmate, and I heard she said: see, I also got fishball today!

Now I know why she ask for fishball, she just want to follow her classmate, what they have, she must have.

Will I spoil her by listening to her request? I hope not. For food, I will buy and fulfill her request, but not for luxury items. Hubby and my concept is if they want any luxury thing, they have to work hard and get it, not through any request from us. Got to let them learn and understand money is not easy to earn now.