Friday, March 23, 2007

Mummy, play with me!

Almost each night, the girls will forced asked me play with them or read to them. Sometimes I am very tired, just tell them: give mummy a break, let mummy rest a while ya. But they say cannot and I must play with them.

Well, feeling guity, so I will try to entertain them but sometimes I really run out of battery. So no choice, I drag hubby in. I asked for his help, but sometimes the girls will not allow their papa to accompany them some more. Nah, this really make me fed up some times. What I do is brought them to car porch, drive out my car and let them cycle there; then me get a chair and sit and watch them cycling. least I wouldn't feel more tired as if they ask me read story book or do drawing together with them.

That's the good part of having big compound at front house!