Friday, March 16, 2007

Invest wisely

Share market drop further, in a very short time. During last time drop, many share gambler already burn their hand, I guess this time sure many of them suffer again. Hubby’s in hand counter also drop, he no time to monitor in morning session, when the time he check, it already drop like hell. He quickly sells off some of it, so suffer less loss; else really no eye to see the share price.

Why the market suddenly drop so much? Many factors contributed it, when you the finance news, then you will know. I have not much knowledge on this field, only heard it from hubby.

Very sad to see those so call investor in share market that speculate the share price, this is a very RISKY decision. Unless you have lots money as capital and knowing about your counter's financial background, else you really not qualify to invest in share. Never have this kind of thinking: gain price from share market is as easy as ABC! Another advise, never never play CONTRA in share market, at the end you are the loser if after T+3 you still unable to gain, then you have to do force selling at lower price. Got it?