Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drink Water On Empty Stomach

Another good piece of advise I get from net.

All of us know drink more water is good for our health, but did u know that this practice can cure some diseases? OK, I am going to share this with you now.

It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value that show this practise can cure old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses. Below are the list found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure as a result of water treatment:

1. Headache

2. Body ache

3. Heart system

4. Arthritis

5. Fast heart beat

6. Epilepsy

7. Excess fatness

8. Bronchitis

9. Asthma

10. TB

11. Meningtitis

12. Kidney and Urine diseases

13. Vomiting gastritis

14. Diarrhea

15. Piles

16. Diabetes

17. Constipation

18. All eye diseases

19. Womb cancer

20. Menstrual disorders

21. Ear nose

22. Throat diseases

Water Treatment

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink four glasses of water each of 160 ml.

2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.

3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.

4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink > anything for two hours.

5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to four glasses per day.

6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement > of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

Good Health to you all.......


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