Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parcel not arrive II

Pertaining to my parcel not arrive case; after few days tele-conv with the courier service CS, finaly I know my parcel is lost during sorting time at PJ office.

Of course I am very angry, firstly my customer cannot get her thing on time; secondly the courier company not even informed me the status regardless I had called in few times. Each time I have to call them ask for status. So when they told me it it lost, make me mad like crazy.

Immediately I told them I want to claim for my lost. I wrote in 2 pages long story about the cases and ask for compensation for my lost item. Also I enclosed a clause: if you guys going to ignore my claim, I will bring this issue to Consumer work wonderfully! Less than 5 min, they respond me and promised me will do the compensation soonest possible.

Now I had received their letter of goodwill, guess I shall get back my amount very soon. Oh ya, they pay to the amount I claimed!

If you not satisfy with some company service, just write in black and white, I am sure they will entertain you. Don't let the case just die like that!