Wednesday, May 02, 2007

10 Rules for Responsible Blogging

Frankly when I first start writing for my blog, I did not realize that we need to follow certain rules and regulations for our writing. What I know is, we can just simply write as and when we like, as long as the post is not giving misleading facts to our beloved readers.

Thanks to SR’s blog post on 10 Rules for Responsible Blogging. This awesome article listed some basic principles that could ensure blogger be more responsive to their opinions and fact while writing for their blog. Oh ya, in case you did not about SR, let me tell you who they are. SR is a web based company whereby they buy reviews from bloggers according to the advertisers’ requirement.

Let me share with you some of the rules of blogging here:

-Check your facts

-Respect Copyright Law

-Consider the implications

-Control the comments

-Give credit where credit is due

-Disclose professional relationships

-Disclose bayar posts

-Be transparent with affiliate links

-Respect Tax Law

-Avoid “blackhat” methods

For more details of explanation for above key points, please read more from here. Do hope you learn something from this useful article and learn to be a responsible blogger!