Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Occasionally I did play online game but I never realized that playing online games also require strategy tips. Hehehe….proof that I am so outdate for IT thingy!

I am referring to online backgammon online game that require you to learn some winning strategy tips before you play the game with your online buddy. is the best site to play online backgammon and you can find thousands of players from all over the world. The #1 player at Backgammon Masters is an animated tiger called Jean-Claude who is a funny and mafia type too! If you want to enjoy watching Jean-Claude’s animated video online, you can simply click it from the site. I bet you’ll have a good laugh watching his funny and humorous act.

Please visit if you wish to know more about online backgammon resources including backgammon rules, terms and winning strategies. Alternatively you can visit to try out their online games. Check out the site constantly to look for any new launch games and download them in first place.

Another good part of is, they are doing charity recently by purchasing Roman Greenberg’s boxing shorts, in an effort to help the young prospect make it to the top of the professional boxing ranks. All money generated will be send to Arab and Jewish youth in distress. Don’t you think it is a thoughtful site other than providing entertainment to you guys!