Sunday, August 12, 2007

Air Ambulance

If you are staying in urban area where transportation of infrastructure is bad and encounter stroke or any serious illness like cancer and Heart and Transplant surgery, then perhaps you need air ambulance services to transport you nearest hospital.

An air ambulance is an aircraft used for emergency medical assistance in situations where normal ambulance cannot quickly reach the scene or the patient needs to be repositioned at a distance where air transportation is most practical. Usually the Air ambulance crews consist of flight nurses, flight paramedics, respiratory therapists and registered flight paramedics.

The ambulance will equipped with medical equipment like respirators, medication, ECG, CPR equipment and many more, so that the medical team crew members able to provide medical treatment to the emergency patient while on the way to hospital.

There are few reputable Air Ambulance Specialist in the community, you can check out for more information and the quote, or call them at 1-800-827-0745