Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Lately we had been eating a lot of cempedak. I am not sure what is the English name for it, just check it out from wikepedia. It is another favorite fruit for hubby besides durian. He will buy one or two cempedak on the way back from office. He prefers to eat just like that whereas I prefer deep fry it with flour. The kids not so like it coz they said hard to swallow the meat. Hehehe….

Cempedak is a heaty type of fruit, if your body cannot take heaty stuff, then you better avoids taking it, else you might get sore throat or sick easily. First few days, hubby is ok, after 3rd time eating it, he starts feel little pain in his sore throat. So I warn him better stop taking cempedak, else he is going to have sexy voice me previously. LOL