Friday, August 03, 2007

Get Your Power Supply Repaired By Expert Techs

Power supply is a critical equipment in electronics and electrical application in R&D lab. I work in the R&D lab before, I experience the power of destroy cause by a faulty variable DC power supply. The case happened few years ago when I worked as a Product Engineer taking care of new product introduction. I was given a prototype printed circuit board designed by customer to perform system test to evaluate the bug in the original design.

Due to cost saving purpose, my company actually performed maintenance and repair of power supply equipment use for R&D and product testing. I was so unfortunate where I hook up the prototype board onto a problematic variable DC power supply. It ended up blown the expensive proto board due to the irregular voltage supply.

Our customer only has one prototype and they are not happy after I told them their prototype spoil due to power supply failure. As usual, I have to write a lengthy 8D report, and my boss has to bare the loss which is high enough to buy a few set of new power supply.

Power supply failure is common to the company, it not only happen in my R&D lab, it also happen on the tester that use for production testing. The main root cause is the reliability of the repair technician. In general, they are not specialized in power supply repair and service.

Why not hand over the job to the expert that knows the critical equipment well, such as ACS Industrial. It is one of the service providers who can perform reliable repair for industries use power supply. Power supply maintenance may not necessary goes up if equipment up time and cost of damage were taken into consideration.