Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going to Lanikai Beach

Last night had a conversation with my mother in law; she mentioned that she hardly go for tour lately. I told her that she can plan for one tour if she want, just let me know the date, so that I can apply leave to take care my girls. My mother in law love to go places like zoo, fruits farm, garden and beaches. I suggest her to go to places that able to see beautiful sunrise and sunset. The best place to go will be Hawaii or Bali Island.

Since she had been in Bali 3 years ago, I don’t think she will revisit the place. Perhaps she can go to Lanikai beach which located at one of the island in Hawaii. Hubby and I not been to Hawaii before, so we are not familiar with the place, I better read more information from Hawaiian travel information, so that I can plan a trip that inclusive all like hotel accommodations and eat out. Then my mother in law and travel smoothly without worry much about the planning. I shall ask my own mom to tag along too since she hardly go for tour too!