Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moving Company

I remember 2 years ago when I shifted from old office to existing office, it is a havoc experience I tell you. Though we had packed and labeled our thing and cartons clearly, but once those stuff reach new office, all things are mess up by the moving company that we hired. We even could not locate which package is belonging to which department. End up we have to work till midnight most of the date just to unpack the stuff and re-label again. We have to work late coz the office and operation need to function to cater for daily production. Mind you, my boss had paid so much to hire the service, yet this is the service we get. My boss is not satisfy with the service, he on hold their payment over 2 months. Until all the mess had been clear, then only he make the payment.

I told my boss if he ever plans to make any moving of office again, then he should hire more professional movers company like Relocation.com. It is a technology-driven media company that is focused on helping to make the move and relocation process easier and better.

Besides moving to a new home or office, Relocation.com also help to do auto shipping for cars, truck, lorry, trailer and others. They will do planning ahead and considering all the specifics involved to make your move a smooth one. Moving abroad also possible with the help of international movers, whereby they’ll help to plan well in advance, without you to worry much.

Look for experience and reputable moving company for your next move. They will provide you with all the necessary resources to assist you with your big move.

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