Sunday, August 05, 2007

OM going to Hawaii

Lately my boss is not happy with the production output figure as well as the total sales value for July month. He called a meeting that included all the managers from production, sales, and quality control department to find out the root cause. Actually my company has substantial orders in hand but the production could not produce the goods in time and meet the lead time. End up we received many customer complaints and some of them even ask for air freight of goods on our company account. Hey, if we have to pay for air freight cost which mean we already make a big loss out of it. Any shipment that incurred air freight cost is not a good sign. That’s why my boss was not happy with the incidents. He put all the pressure onto the Operation Manager, instructed him MUST improve/increase production in 2 weeks time.

Now my Operation Manager is in pressure and he told me wish to go for holiday to de-stress himself. I told him I don’t think the boss would allow him to apply leave and go for holiday at this period. But he said he insisted to do so, else he totally cannot function well in production management. He asked me to search for travel Hawaii vacation package and I found Hawaii beach front is a nice and interesting place to visit. I will help him to find one package which is affordable yet value for money for him. Hopefully after the vacation, he able to solve production issue and improve the output as well.