Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prevent flu by drinking Colloidal Silver

I noticed one of my colleagues gets flu easily. Most of the time I can see her having nose and sneezing loud in the office. She told me that her body’s immune system is weak and she couldn’t take any heaty or cold food. Even coffee she also couldn’t take it, other wise she might get headache easily too. What a fragile girl to me!

Oh ya, she will get sick too if she is lack of sleep, that’s why she cannot join us fishing for paid post during midnight. At time, she tries to stay up late waiting for big pay post till around 11.30 pm. The next day, we all can hear she start sneezing loud and having flu. Poor girl.

I ever suggested to her to take some supplement products to increase her body immune system, so that she will not get sick easily. I was told colloidal silver able to boost up our body immune system and maintaining good health. Perhaps by drinking colloidal silver, it able to help her to act as preventive medicine.