Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why this happen?

I am surprise lately many blogger's tiga P account being suspended without notice. They are those blogger that I know. Some get back their account the next day, some still in waiting list. Wonder what's wrong with tiga P. At least inform posties first la. I grab less offer in tiga P now, partly due to I hardly stay up late or wake up early in the morning to grab offer. I ever did that few nights but hubby not allow me do so. He said not worth to do so as it might cause me lack of sleep, and indirectly affect my health too! True also!


jansey825 said...

hello! i oso jus join PPP n still hvn got my blog approved :( can u teach me how it works? everyday hv to login n 'catch' those advertisme in the list?

btw, do u hv a multiply account? u r from melaka rite? i wish to know more melaka mummies as i m new to this area. :)