Monday, August 13, 2007

WP suspended my old blog

I am shock when I saw my old blog being suspended by Wordpress. No email send to me to inform or even warning me. Their act just like tigaP lately. Suspend us without notice.

Though I had transfer the post to my own domain but I am still not happy the way they handle thing. Therefore I email them immediately.

The first reply I received was as below :


We don't permit advertising on Kind regards,


Then I reply them my blog DO NOT has any ads or paid post, request them to doubel check again. Here is the 2nd reply from them:

Hi Jesslyn,

The front page of your blog consists of nothing but ads for online pharmacies.

Can you tell me what your username and password are so I can confirm some thing please?

Kind regards,

Alex pharmacies? WTH is that?? I cannot even recall I had placed ads for any pharmacies!!! They are from support team, they should have my Login ID, why still request from me??? Still feel being unfair to me, reply them and also given my login. Just wait what will they do on me? IF they cannot find the ads, I am going to ask them apology to me! MUST!!


snoopy said...

WP so strictly ah? Lucky i dont create with WP!

montessorimum said...

Last time my WP account also kena suspended. The reason, I have the PPP button at the side bar.

BTW , I thought you were aware of it, i think your WP has been hacked and got spam. All I see for the past few weeks after you did the migration was many post with just a few lines of ads. Like those I received in the spam comments.

Jesslyn said...

Someone hack my WP, baru today I know! Seldom go back and chk.

I never place ads inside it.

However today I got the reply from them again. Someone login my a/c and post ads.

I never go back to check after own my domain..hehehe...partly my fault too!