Friday, August 03, 2007

Cool gadget from DigitalFramez

With the advancement of technology nowadays, I bet many of you own a digital camera. I remember since I own a digital camera in year 2000, I hardly develop my pictures. Usually we just store in our hardisk, or save in a CD for back up. This can save us lot of space for keeping too many photo albums in the house.

However sometimes when my friends or relatives visit us, they will request the photo album to see the kid’s pictures, instead of viewing from PC. Hubby still reluctant to develop those picture and he suggests to buy a digital picture frame, so that they can view the photos from it. A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them.

The digital photo frames is a cool gadget, you can place it anywhere you like and switch on the memory card and view it. You even can set it the timer and change the transitions between digital pictures according to your liking!

If you are looking for one digital frame now, check out from, it is an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital photo frames. It offers various sizes and styles of digital photo frames, including 7”, 8”, 9” and 10”. The quality is good and the price is surely affordable to you.


Diamond Geeza said...

Great article, thanks. I think these digital picture frames are definitely going to be a huge product, especially coming up to the holiday & gift giving season...
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Diamond Geeza

Chris said...


I read your review and I purchased from DigitalFramez and had an extremely bad experience.

I wonder, have you actually purchased anything from DigitalFramez? Your review doesn’t say whether you did or not… Was it a sponsored review?

Please check out my site at and leave me a comment there, I’d love to hear from you,


digitalframez said...

The above comment was from a rouge customer no-one can please. He received the wrong frame but was paid $50 to return the frame for full refund or replacement. He is now complaining that we don't come and pick it up personally. Please understand we are doing everything we can to help fix the situation.