Friday, August 03, 2007

Enjoy my vacation @ Germany

I need a break.

Lately so many work been loaded to me until I cannot breath I tell you. I even skip my lunch due to the tight working schedule. I told my boss once I settle my in hand project, I will take 2 weeks off and go for vacation. Whether he agree or not, I will go ahead my plan.

Next, where to go for the 2 weeks? I think to Europe is the best choice since we need more days to explore the Europe city. If my plan is smooth, then I might go to Germany. There are so many places of interest there, including Cologne and Cologne Cathedral, The Black Forest, Heidelberg and many more. Alternatively can choice to go during Munich Oktoberfest, one of world's biggest public festivals. I must not miss it.

Now I had confirmed the destination, it’s time to hunt for cheap hotels in Germany. I have to spend in EURO money, so I better look for cheapest rate during my stay in Germany. Actually besides staying in Germany, I also can opt to stay in Hotels in Berlin, Hotels in Munich or Hotels in Frankfurt. All these places also have attractive places to go too! I shall start search around in internet now, hopefully I can get a better rate from online booking!