Monday, August 06, 2007

Do more charity work

Imagine, if you own your own boat, you can have a holiday home that you can use any day, any weekend, or evening. You also can use it for fishing, water skiing, cruising and other activity, with your family member. However to own a boat is not cheap, let alone costs like maintenance, insurance, registration fees and instruction and safety course fees. Anyway it is still good to own a boat, at least you can relax in lakes, rivers or ocean as and when you like.

If I ever own a used boat and wish to change for a new boat; I will donate my boat to charity body like Boat Angel. This charity body will use the fund from selling used boat to aid the worlds impoverished and underprivileged by providing scholarship, means of transportation and education materials for children. They also help to build schools and increase well being in the country like Africa, so that can better improve their standard living.

So, if you love to do charity and helping those needy people, go do the boat donations with Boat Angel if you think of to sell your used boat. By doing so, you able to help or even save many children’s life.