Friday, August 10, 2007

Lovely Wedding Favors

Every couple wants their wedding to be unique and memorable one, this including their wedding favors too. Well, if you are currently in the midst of planning your wedding, you can pay a visit to Little Things Wedding Favors. It is a site that offers wide selection of wedding favors and accessories that suit your tastes and needs.

If I am still single and plan to marry soon, I am sure will get the Whimsical Pewter Purse Place Card Holder Favors for my dear guests. This little gift looks so elegant and stylist just couldn’t resist owning them! Hehehe…

There are still lot of lovely wedding favors listed in the site, check it out now! By the way, if you are the lucky one, perhaps you could win away a gift certificate for $100.00 when you place an order of wedding favors or wedding accessories. Wish you luck!