Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shop for the kids

With the advancement and broad use of internet, people nowadays tend to do online shopping more than shopping at retail shops. One disadvantage of shopping at retain shops are we have to drive to the store, deal with long queue at cashier counter, bad customer service, price checking if got dispute, bear with kids crying at store etc. after that, when back from store, we need to do unpacking of our stuff some more. Well, all these troublesome matter can be skipped if we shop via online.

Therefore I love to do my shopping via online coz sometimes I can get free online coupon codes which help me save some money. Usually I will shop for products or brands that hardly find in my area, such as baby products offer in BabyCenter and Victoria Secret. By using discount codes from those merchants, I can get huge saving. For instant, Victoria Secret offers FREE shipping if my order is $100 or above. Mind you, shipping cost from USA to my area can kill me if I will to pay for it. Most of the time, it is he shipping cost that cause the products more expensive.

I simply love the products sell in BabyCenter. The material is so comfy and my kids love it.

Look at this pinky bikini swim suit; I am sure my youngest girl would love it. It matches with Pink Flower Child Reversible Brim Hat too. Don’t you think the kids will look cute once put on the suit!

If I will to buy stuff for the kids, I have to ensure both also getting each, else they will fight with each other! LOL

For my elder girl, I can get her some Elmo DVD since she is a big fans for Sesame Street. This Elmo DVD has lot of fun songs, I am sure will keep her or the youngest girl occupy for some time. Then I can do my sewing without any interruption from them!

I better remind myself to enter the discount codes before completing my order, so that I can enjoy the saving!


jansey825 said...

i hv this dvd too! my BIL's frd boought for my gorgor cos she knew he loves Elmo, but it has gone missing cos He watch it so often, we hid it.. :p i miss it now, cos it was really a nice show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post and information ((o;