Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today I am free

hehe...today I am free, very free indeed......free from writing paid posts! LOL

Yahooooo.....feel so relax and release when there is no pending offer with me. Usually I used to have about 2 - 3 pending posts with me, but lately hardly can grab any offer from other network, that's why I am free now. Talking about tigaP, I hardly do it coz no way I can grab any post from them. All look grey to me. Some posties told me to stay up late or wake up at wee hour, then I will be able to see those opp. Wow, I cannot do that frankly coz I need to work the next day. I only can do that during weekend but weekend usually not much opp for us too! Argg...forget about tigaP lar.