Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MIDF, we love you!

Wow, hubby so happy last night after he found out MIDF going to give him extra bonus! MIDF is his favourite share counter all the time, last week he noticed this counter not acted as usual; not so active in other words. So he suspected something going to happen. That is his estimation only, not sure good or bad thing will happen though. But since the share price is within his budget, so he locked in 2000 unit for it.

Why I say extra bonus from MIDF? hehe...MIDF announced in KLSE that they are going to adjust share price to RM1.90 as compare to current price at RM1.50. But I am not really understand hubby's explanation on this issue. What I know is, he is going to earn approximate RM400 from each share. RM400 x 2 = RM???....hahaha...u go figure the amount!

He always teasing me that I need to squeeze my brain and crack my head while writing paid post. But he only need to click, click, click in internet, then able to make money already, which mean his way better than me lor!

Wei, you earn your way, I earn my way, don't ever comment on me hor! I am not good in share market ma, else I also can make money like you now!