Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wish to have own house

Before marriage, I ever told my hubby we form our new house and not staying with parent in law. However hubby being the only son in family, he feel bad if we move out right after marriage. So he suggests to me that we better stay together, then when have kids, his parent can help to look after them. Not a bad idea after all, so I just follow his way. But I still prefer to form a house solely for us, without having old folks with us. You know, old folks tend to nag to us once we did anything wrong.

However we still will move out one day once the kids growing up. But we will select the house that is nearby to parent in law’s house, so we still able to take care them though we had moved out. If I own a house, I am sure will do some home improvements for it, especially the kitchen portion. Most kitchen look small, only via home improvements you can make it bigger and look presentable.

Another portion that I will consider is to get double glazing for the windows as it is specifically designed never to stick, rattle or need painting. The design I like the most in AnglianHome is Sash Windows where we can tilted inwards to allow for easy cleaning. I better bookmark this site for my future reference!